What is the Pectus Brace?

Also known as a Chest Compressor, the pectus brace is used to treat pectus carinatum, a disorder when the sternum (breastbone) is pushed outward. The Chest Compressor produces intracavitary pressure, anterior extends from three inches superior to pectus prominence to three inches inferior to pectus prominence, has rigid circumferential frame with rigid pads, anteriorly and posteriorly, and is custom fabricated and molded to patient model. If worn correctly, significant correction of deformity can be expected.

Wearing Protocol

The brace is to be worn at all times. The brace should be worn during the day, during physical activity as well as to bed. The more the child the wears the brace, the better effect it will have. The device is easily hidden under clothing and must be worn over a T-shirt. The average time required for the patient to wear the brace is about one year.

Casting Procedure

This is a custom brace that requires a cast of the affected area circumferentially. A fiberglass wrap extends from just below the sterna notch to 3" below xiphoid.


The cost of the pectus brace ranges from $800-$1,000. Please check with your insurance carrier or ask our office staff to contact your insurance company to see if this brace is a covered benefit.